About the conference

The 10th  International Plant Biomechanics Conference will be held in Lyon, France in August 2021 - from Sunday 22nd to Friday 27th. Save the dates!


The conference covers all topics related to plant biomechanics. The list of sessions will be established based on submissions and could include the following:

-       Ecology and evolution

-       Morphogenesis and pattern formation

-       Cell walls, cells, and tissues

-       Mechanosensing and mechanotransduction

-       Applied biomechanics and biomimetics

-       Woods and trees

-       Hydraulics

Keywords (non-limitative list):

biomechanics, biophysics, ecology, evolution, development, modelling, biomimetics, cell wall, cells and tissues, plant and soil, biotic and biotic interactions, trees, wood, xylem, mechanosensing, mechanotransduction, gravisensing, growth, morphogenesis and pattern formation, seed/spore dispersal

Previous conferences

The first International Plant Biomechanics Conference was held in 1994 in Montpellier, France, and organized by Bernard Thibaut and colleagues. Since then the conference has been held at three-year intervals. The two most recent ones were held in Montreal (2018) and in Nagoya (2015).

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